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Two Magyar Vizla (Dogs) Walking with Owner in a Forest

Good Samaritan Fund


In the veterinary profession, we encounter many situations that tug at our hearts. Good Samaritans and Law Enforcement personnel bring us a variety of stray or lost animals. We see a range of medical needs in these pets, from those who are happy and healthy, to those who are severely injured. While we would love to help every pet that comes through our doors, the unfortunate reality is that finances can sometimes limit what we can do.

Gray and white dog smiling


The Yakima Pet Emergency Good Samaritan Fund is comprised of generous client donations, and is designed to provide medical care for these animals.  One hundred percent of the funds contributed goes towards those efforts.

Donating will allow us to help more animals in a variety of situations.

The contributions we accept are not limited to financial donations but also food, unused medications or other pet items. These miscellaneous donations provide comfort to those pets that stay for continued care, and can be sent with them when they head to a rescue or new home.

All of our incoming sick and injured stray or lost pets are evaluated by a Licensed Veterinary Doctor. While providing medical assistance, we scan for a microchip and seek out social media channels with the hopes of reuniting them with their family. After we have a chance to assess the specific needs and care for each individual case, we move forward with whatever is in the best interest of the patients quality of life.


Thank you for your continued caring for our animal companions!

If you would like to donate to the Good Samaritan Fund please contact us at (509) 452-4138.